Monday, November 18, 2013


While being overwhelmed with the many many photos that need to be edited, I came across these cute little picts from a few weeks back. I couldn't help it I had to post them. She is/was so tiny and soon she will be big, and I need to remember her little.
 photo D71_0811-_zpsc7b2c054.jpg
 Oh and don't mind the bent ear in all of these shots. I didn't notice until it was too late.. ouch.
 photo D71_0813-_zps94bcd977.jpg

 photo D71_0794-_zpsc18398b1.jpg
This sweet girl is my world. I feel so lucky to have my little girls.
 photo D71_0792-_zps3405b394.jpg

 photo D71_0789-BampW_zps20b099c9.jpg

 photo D71_0756-_zpsf253d100.jpg

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  1. Little Piper is as sweet as sugar! Love, love, love her sweet self!