Thursday, August 2, 2012

John and Darby

Our good friends John and Darby Walters came to visit. We had such a good time with them. I so wish we lived near them. We went into San Francisco to pier 39 and to the exploratorium.
Little gal was QUITE naughty this week. We were going through some of the toughest terrible two weeks yet. We got lucky enough that we had company to witness such great behavior:)
Thank goodness she is so darn cute!

Look at this cute couple! Ahhh. We love you John and Darbs.

How I felt is written on my face. She kept running away from us and trying to dive into the water..

Not cooperating for a picture this time..
Why did we even try for any family pictures?
We went to Santa Cruise one day and played at the beach..
C got really thirsty and NEEDED a drink. Darby obliged.

Chloe kept finding rocks and running to throw them into the ocean before the waves came rolling back in..
It's all fun and games until a wave gets you!...
Some nice lady who happened to be wading in the water pulled her out while Adam ran over to save her. I just happened to get pictures of the whole event.

Chloe was NOT a fan of the experience.
Maybe this experience will make her not want to get too close to the water next time?

She started to feel a little better as I walked her back up the beach
She had so much sand in her hair and ears that we tried to rinse her off with fresh water.. She thought we were torturing her.
After she dried and got changed into warm clean clothes we went for a stroll down to pier to see the sea lions.
 Meet Clyde

 My cute sweetheart 
 What a lovely couple don't you think?
We miss you John and Darby! Come visit soon!

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