Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This week has been a tough week.
Life can be  is hard a lot of the time.
loss of any kind is going to be hard.
There is so much to be grateful for.
We are so lucky to have a beautiful little two year old daughter whom we adore.
 My mother moved here to Walnut Creek to be close to our family.
We now have a trusted babysitter on hand when needed.
 ( we have never had help this is so exciting for us!)
Chloe has more people around to love her.
My sweet husband is so supportive.
I got a beautiful bouquet of crimson roses from my sweetheart
The knowledge that we will be blessed with more babies,
maybe not this time, but eventually.
The love and kind words I have been blessed to hear from my wonderful friends.
Comfort in knowing that the things I go through can, and are a support to others who are going through the same thing.


  1. Is this week over yet? We can't take any more over here! We love you and are thinking about you.

  2. I love you always and forever.

  3. I'm not sure what exactly happened...but we had an early miscarriage before this pregnancy. It gave us a taste of the struggles so many have to get these sweet babies here. Even early on, it was much more difficult than i would have anticipated. Hope everything works out for yall :)
    To answer your questions...Baby has NO name, and let's just say Riley's world will be rocked! He talks a little about baby sister now, but I don't think he comprehends it at all. There will definitely be an adjustment period and it's my biggest fears/worries for the arrival of baby girl. And I've been misleading if It seemed like he missed "terrible twos". I thought 18 months- 2 was brutal! Soon after 2 he became much easier. I'm sure it's a cycle and we are gearing up for the next round! My theory is communication helps so much- once he was talking and understanding better I feel like he got a lot easier because he could voice what he was thinking and to some small degree you could rationalize with him. Good Luck and know you aren't alone!

  4. I am inspired by your great faith, Leah. Life is hard--for sure! I am SO happy to be here with you and for you. I love you!