Monday, November 21, 2011

Sydney (Part I)

Leah and I decided to take a last minute trip (thanks to Seth and Maria) to Australia and New Zealand. We're actually still in Sydney now. We got a couple of bonus days here due to a cancelled flight...but there are worse places than Sydney to be stuck.

Leah riding a wave of sticks. She totally wiped out a second after this, but I didn't have the camera on.

(Manditory Opera House Photo) Leah and I at Farm Cove across from the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Leah looking cool in downtown Sydney when it was actually sooooo hot!

"Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?...Morons"

 Leah on the greens of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a downtown backdrop.

 Leah's favorite trees in the Royal Botanical Gardens were these purple ones. My favorite? Any tree with the giant bats (flying foxes) hanging upside down in them. They were seriously the size of Ginger with giant wings. I'll post a picture in Sydney Part Deux

Leah doing what she do standing on Mrs. Macquarie's Chair. 

So ya'all need to Hyde yo kids, Hyde yo wife and Hyde your husband cause Leah's climbin’ in your windows, she’s snatchin’ your people up tryin to get them in Hyde Park.

Leah in front of St Mary's Cathedral. Good eye!

Chinese fortune cookie say Leah find no new friends at Chinese Garden of Friendship. Maybe next time.

My darling in Darling Harbour.

Leah's manly man at Manly Beach.

Nothing Manly about this! (well, maybe the hair)

On the ferry ride home from Manly Beach. The wind kept on blowing this lady's blond hair in my face!

If you don't about Prince Albert you won't know about Prince Albert. (Warning: do not google Prince Albert)

Swimming is really big down under. I worked on my form (and accent) and I think I am pretty convincing as an Australian swimmer if I do say so myself.

Next: On to New Zealand!

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