Friday, November 4, 2011

San Diego

For my birthday Adam got us Taylor Swift tickets in San Diego.We drove to Whittier and stayed with our friends John and Darby, then drove together to San Diego for the concert. We don't have any pictures of the concert because they wouldn't let us bring our camera because it had a detachable lens :( But The concert was amazing. We got to visit the pretty impressive San Diego zoo..
Adam had some fun photo ideas..

The Girl had a blast and played in the zoo "toys"
Daddy loved spending time with his girl

It's hard to get a one year old to look @ the camera..

Love, LOVE, LOVE Elephants!

Chloe had no idea that the snakes were slithering by her. Yuck I hate snakes!

Daddy and Chlo on the sky tram

Chloe was naughty in the Hotel. She climbed on everything, Fell off the bed once and enjoyed the complimentary pastries :)



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  2. I love the pic of Chloe and Adam on the sky tram!