Monday, March 8, 2010

True romance

So for all of those who know the story of the antenna ball, here is a story to add to it.The old story goes: Back when Adam and I were dating I had a talk with him about being a little more romantic. Romance and Adam do not always come naturally. It's not that he was a bad boyfriend, (or husband), it's just that sometimes he needs a little direction. I told him I would love it if once every week or two he would do something romantic for me. I had just left on a trip and was gone for a week. I left my car at Adam's house while I was gone, and went there to pick it up when I got back. I had not seen Adam yet and got a text later that day from him asking if I had noticed anything "Romantic" about my car. I hadn't, so I told him I would go look and call him back. I thought hmm maybe he had my car detailed and washed, or had I missed a boquet of flowers in my back seat or something? So I looked and found nothing. I then thought "Oh he made me a mix CD" and looked in the disc changer and found nothing, so I called him back and told him I didn't see anything. He said "try looking for your car" I didn't understand, and then I saw it... There it was... a Jack in the Box antena ball on my antenna. He then says see.. I did something romantic for you! Once I told him about how I had a hard time finding my car in parking lots. It must have stuck out in his mind... because not only was there that particular incident, but (The new story 3 yrs. later) this weekend I came home to find Adam proud as a peacock of himself. He goes "Go look at your car" and I found a new antenna ball.. yet again from Jack in the Box. He said "See I did something romantic for you".



  1. I so know how you feel...but Craig says I can't complain because he never pretended to be romantic. Good point I guess. His favorite quote is "You knew I was a snake when you picked me up"

  2. ha-- Only Adam!! He cracks me up;)