Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kindergarten Picture day

I couldn't resist.. My little spunky 5 year old is so photogenic. Here on the blog is where I can put up every single pose, and no one will be annoyed, because it MINE! I took these pictures on school picture day just in case there wasn't a great school picture. We curled her hair that morning, and I put her in something timeless. She insisted on blush, and so I let her. She loves makeup so much, but I almost never let her into it. She felt so special today, and that was fun for both of us.
 photo 1D71_3127-_zpsnzut2gtp.jpg  photo 1D71_3124-_zpsea3nlno3.jpg  photo 1D71_3122-_zpsxazxwwyy.jpg  photo 1D71_3094-_zpsrqz7tsng.jpg
The talent needs no direction, and makes up her own poses and moves as she goes. 
 photo 1D71_3134-_zpsenqrnjcf.jpg 
Oh and what the?! She had some funny, all natural creative poses to add to the mix lol
 photo Chloewordup_zpswzwtnvwx.jpg
I rarely ever tell her to "smile!" She just does her thing, and i just capture it.
   photo 1D71_3128-_zpsxqq7icwd.jpg photo 1D71_3110-_zpsxw7vwc02.jpg
This 5 year old is unbelievably social. She LOVES parties, social outings, and anything teen-like. She knows she is cute, and we are working on the importance of being humble :) 
 photo 1D71_3108-_zpstbljpxhu.jpg  photo 1D71_3104-_zpskzggtrdj.jpg  photo 1D71_3099-_zpsuksyj8aq.jpg  photo 1D71_3096-_zpsyax952hz.jpg


  1. Ummmm so that first picture needs to be entereted into a photo contest, im not even joking! GORGEOUS!

    1. Ashley, as always you are so sweet! I realized too late that I had my aperature too low for these, so a lot of them only had an eye in focus! Oh well I still like them :) I'm enjoying all of the Utah pictures you are taking. It is so pretty there!