Thursday, December 11, 2014

Piper Jane 1.5

Since this little girl was born she has been a Tiny big kid. Her soul must be old. She knows so much more than a baby should. I am literally amazed by her every. single. day. At night Adam and I just lay in bed talking about the amazing things she has done. I have been thinking about writing this post for the past two weeks, and every time I go to do it I can't even remember all of the things she is capable of because she can do just about everything. I am pretty behind on this post as she is about to turn 19 months in a week and a half, but late is better than nothing
Honestly where do I begin? I can't even write all of the words she knows, or I would be sitting here for hours! She can say almost everything. It may be easier to say what she can't do. For example she cannot say her R's (so cute!) she can't say mango,like it comes out nothing like mango should. She can say full sentences. She understands just about everything. Her signing is off the charts. I can sign something to her once and a week later she will use that sign. (Her Papaw, and Nana would be so proud)
Honestly I can go on and on about how impressive this little girl is.  photo PicMonkeyCollage3_zps9d383aae.jpg One word. Attitude. Same as sister, but Oh are you two different.  photo PicMonkeyCollage4_zpsc3706fc0.jpg You look nothing like me. You take after the Baird side in looks, and there is zero me in your appearance. That may change, but for now. zip. I have seen pictures of your Grandpa Baird as a baby that looks a lot like you. You have a body like your dads. Narrow hips. You still have curls, but only on bottom. The top is straight. You are mostly blonde now with just a hint of peach (strawberry) very light eyebrows, and medium blond eyelashes.  photo 1PicMonkeyCollage1_zps260805f7.jpg . You are a mad climber. You can find something to climb anywhere we go. You are pretty good too.
When You fall down you will cry, but you never hold onto the fear. You get back up on the horse and try again. photo Pips_zpsb2856a6a.jpg
 photo 1Pips_zpse3bed438.jpgYou are wearing my baby dress in these lolipop shots, and it makes my heart melt!
When you walk you pound the ground girl.
 You like to sit on the potty and push, just like you see sister do. I can usually get a few toots out of you before you sign and say all done. We have yet to have you tinkle or poop on the potty, but you are very interested in going, and totally understand the concept.
 You want everything Chloe has. You are very competitive with her, as is she with you.
 You two fight All. The. Time.  
You are very feisty. You know exactly what you want. You know exactly how to communicate what you want. 
You will not be a pushover.ever. 
You are my strong bright spunky little girl, and we adore the stink out of you!!

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