Monday, June 10, 2013


This weekend our little Chloe turned three! We had her a simple little party this year at the park. Chloe and her best friend Scarlett always find trouble when they get together! 
 photo IMG_8772_zpsb64beb26.jpg
They started out innocent enough... photo IMG_8749_zpsbb662332.jpg

They got into the streamers and turned themselves into mummies. 
 photo IMG_8748_zps696b360b.jpg

 photo IMG_8741_zps0f40cdb3.jpg
We had a cupcake pinata that I think we must have overfilled with candy because just a couple of hits from Westin and and it busted wide open. Here he is warning Scarlett to stand back because he is about to hit a homerun. The kids loved it!
 photo IMG_8792-_zps8b5a5136.jpg

 photo IMG_8794_zps1b031f6e.jpg
Then the girls got into the bubble machine and "swam" in the bubbles... until it got into their eyes...over and over again. At least they were clean after all of the soap from the bubbles.
 photo IMG_8777-_zpsac17a102.jpg
Thanks Courtney for taking care of that fiasco!
 photo IMG_8765_zps809820f7.jpg
Little Piper Jane slept through the whole thing on grandmas lap.
 photo IMG_8766-_zps069cc3da.jpg
Scar and chloe couldn't help getting their fingers into the birthday cake..
 photo IMG_8818-_zps31562bec.jpg
All of a sudden the wind picked up, and we couldn't light the candle, so Chloe blew out the lighter. She didn't mind though.
 photo IMG_8814-_zpsfd243d9e.jpg
Happy birthday my little big girl. You are now three!
 photo IMG_8824-_zps7b9a7efe.jpg


  1. How sweet! I hope I can be there next summer at party time!

  2. Such a fun afternoon! Love all those pink cheeks on all those cute kids! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.

  3. It was a great birthday party! As Chloë turns three, it is hard to remember her not being in our family! I'm so thankful for her funny self!