Monday, May 6, 2013

Birth plan?

It's almost time! I am in total disbelief. It doesn't seem like this is the end. With Chloe I was ready and couldn't wait any longer. This time I am not ready. I could be pregnant for another month and be happy, yet I  I have less than two weeks. Reality hasn't set in. I have a few more things I want to get finished before she arrives, but other than that I have everything I need for her.

 I found out from my nurse practitioner today that they have hired a midwife in their practice. She will be the very first midwife to deliver @ my hospital. She starts in two weeks.. two weeks really? Have I really missed the mark by a few days? I certainly hope not. My np asked if I would like the chance to have her attend my birth. I would LOVE the chance to get the best of both worlds. A midwife for me and a hospital for my nervous anti homebirth husband. We will see if it works out.. Am I really hoping to go overdue? What is wrong with me!

 Whatever way it works out I have decided to labor in the comfort of my home for a while before I go in. I am banking on having a shorter birth than the last. 16 hours is so long, but I think I could do eight. The thought of jumping in my tub when I don't feel well sounds so much better than laying flat on my back in a hospital bed. To all of my mom friends who have done it unmedicated- I would love to hear your stories/ advice.

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