Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This past weekend My Mom, Sister, Adam, Chloe, and I decided to take a weekend trip to Santa Cruz. We had just gotten our Rav 4 back from the shop with a new engine put in and had no idea that we wouldn't make it to our destination that day. Chloe was so excited to play at the beach, and I had a long massage scheduled that afternoon. We got a little over an hour away and someone flagged us down and told us our car was smoking from the back. We pulled over and sure enough something was wrong.. again. The car was dripping transmission fluid at a fast rate. Adam called the shop and they came all of the way to tow it, and sent a car to pick us up. We waited a couple of hours and then were on our way back home. Chloe and my sister were so upset they didn't get to go to Santa Cruz, so we settled on Marin's rodeo beach an hour away from home.
 It's been a crazy past three weeks with all of our car troubles. One thing after another keeps popping up. But through it all there have been great memories.
I can't believe that in 3.5 weeks or less our little family of three becomes a family of four. Everything will change. Chloe's life will be completely different. We are excited, and nervous. 
It could be a seamless transition, and it could rock our world. Not too long now and we will find out!


  1. I am excited for you! Sorry so much trouble with your car!