Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Just a quick jot down before I forget everything.. Notes for my own record..

This pregnancy is so different than Chloe.

 Some similarities are- 
  1.  I'm not a fan of meat. Although I can actually eat it this time around.. 
  2.  I got sick at 6 wks 1 day
  3. food aversions
  4. Insomnia
  5. Smallest bladder ever!
  6. I cannot handle cream of chicken.. in anything.
  7. Restless leg syndrome (lol Adam thinks this is weird\funny)
  8. Love potatoes.

Differences in this pregnancy-

  1. food aversions to most food in general not just chicken this time. I won't know until I put it in my mouth... Then I KNOW!
  2. I DO NOT want sweets
  3. Nor do I want only carbs this time
  4. I'm sick then I'm okay
  5. I have less energy this time.. (I wonder why??)
  6. No food dreams
  7. I haven't had to get up in the night every night for a bowl of cereal.
  8. My fear of losing this baby is stronger.
  9. I'm showing already!!. started abt. 9 weeks!
  10. No cramps or uterine stretching.
  11. Slightly more hormonal.
  12. I can only eat until I'm 1/4 full. Maybe five bites and then I'm done.
  13. I have had some sharp twinges.
  14. Loads of lower back issues.
@ 11 weeks pregnant. 10/29/12

Me pregnant with Chloe @ 19 weeks
I look about the same as I did when I was 19 weeks pregnant with Chloe!!!!!! Oh my!


  1. Each kid I show sooner. I swear I looked like I was having triplets with Case! Congrats again! So exciting!

    1. You know I don't think I remember seeing you pregnant in any of your pictures. I'm sure you were beautiful!What is your take on being pregnant with a boy and a girl since you have both. Did you feel any different with either? Case is just to die for!

  2. I am so excited to see your bump! Love you!

  3. First pregnancy for me, very little morning sickness, tired, no leg problems = Kristin
    Second pregnancy: lost 9 lbs the first three months - all day sickness, leg cramps were really bad, baby bump bigger and much sooner = our son, Joel Scott.

    You look great!! When will you have your first sonogram?

    1. Carolyn- It's somehow surprising to me that I feel different this time. Maybe It's that I'm getting older. It is definitely getting harder. I have had 3 ultrasounds so far.One at 6 wks,then 7, then 9. They won't be doing another at my dr office until 20 weeks. I guess everything looks good!

  4. Leah walks around the house karate kicking everything and if you say anything she just looks at you says "restless leg syndrome..."