Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Our new obsession? Airplanes. The kid can hear them a mile away.. in the house.. in the store.. everywhere! She just loves them! Everyday we have "outside time" we water the plants, drive around in the play car,
play in the pool, and every few minutes she will hear something an look up point and
yell "Apene! Apene!" We search the sky over to find the source.

So one day I decided to take Chloe to a small airport nearby.
I thought she would love to see the airplanes take off..
Boy was I right!
 She kept saying "woow!" 

 We watched a helicopter, and several small planes take off. 
 Chloe thought it was the coolest thing when there were two planes taking off from different areas of the strip.
 They even has a picnic area with toys for the kids to play in, and watch the planes take off.

Time of her life!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the bright blue sky. It's so cute that you took her to the airport. Miss you guys!