Thursday, August 30, 2012


The girl loves "outside" or as she calls it "side, side, side" She will say this over and over until you let her out.
She then begs for "watey! watey! (water) So I turn the sprinklers/or hose on for her.
We would put her in play clothes but she prefers nothing. I have loads of these oh so adorable chubby baby photos of my little one playing outside in the water, with the dog, in the mud, watering the plants, and so on.
The "Terrible two" stage has passed.. for now. I have never enjoyed her more than at this stage in her life. She is so sweet, and smart. She is inherently funny. Such a natural thing for her.
I love this photo.
 Snack trap in hand and on her trike. A headband that she insisted on wearing, and putting on herself. The headband is of infant size and must be uncomfortable, but she tells me "no, no, no" when I ask if I can take it off . 
Her baby belly is to die for! With how active she can be I'm surprised she can hold on to her chub, but she does, and I love it! Inappropriate? Na, besides when have I ever been appropriate?