Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Zealand (Rotorua Region)

After our time in the Coromandel Peninsula we headed south to Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand. The Rotorua area is a highly geothermal area with many hot pools, boiling mud pots, geisers, steam vents and thermal sulpher springs. It is kind of like Yellowstone Park except there are no bison, elk, deer, Old Faithful, it is not in the USA, it is an ancient holy Maori land and it is not a National Park (so you can go inside the pools).

Leah enjoying the hot water (105 degrees) of Kerosene Creek. It was one of our favorite things in New Zealand. It was a couple of miles down a dirt road and a short hike to the waterfalls and swimming hole. We heard stories from people in town that it might be dangerous to go to certain spots. The local Maoris are kind of territorial about their land and we met a couple on the hike to the creek. They were a little protective at first but after we told them how beautiful their land was they welcomed us to visit the creek.

Leah and I underneath the hot waterfall at Kerosene Creek. The rocks under the water by the falls were really hot to step on so we didn't stay in one place for too long. Leah always accentuates my skin tone with her golden tan. At least nobody is looking at me in this picture. Thanks Leah.

Whero am I you ask? At Rotowhero Lake (Green Lake). We called it boiling lake because it was so hot.

Sheep are kind of big deal in New Zealand. Some of the locals suggested we go to the Agro-dome to check out the sheep shearing competitions and the sheep dogs. We didn't have time though and we've been to the state fair before so I didn't feel to bad about it. Luckily for us we had the priviledge of meeting Woolie, the queen of sheep in Tirao. If you look at the above picture closely you can see her standing behind me crouching by some tall grass and a tree.

Of course the queen of sheep was carefully guarded by the Kih Kih, the king of sheepdogs. He also gave Leah a well needed bath. Tons of buildings in New Zealand are made from this corrugated metal (we only saw two that looked like animals).

New Zealanders call themselves kiwis after the odd birds found there and not the fruit. Never tell them you like to eat kiwis!

And never ride a kiwi bird statue! Sorry Mr. Zookeeper;)


  1. I know it's frustrating when you write a post and no one comments on it, but I want to say that I think you are the best blog writer and you make me laugh. Love you babe!

  2. Beautiful scenery, but the best part of your trip to Australia and New Zealand, for me, is the time I spent with Chloё!!!

  3. The shot by the lake looks like something straight out of a kind of make me sick. :P