Friday, July 29, 2011

Rodeo beach and the kid with horns

Last week my sister and step mom came into town for a visit. We took them to a 24th of July BBQ and to Rodeo Beach (in Marin).
This kid won't touch grass so I thought she would freak in the sand, but she LOVED it!
Jasmine in the potato sack race

Chloe loved her Aunt Jasmine

we didn't do so well :(

Chloë and nana chillin in the shade.

Chloë and I took a quick trip to Walmart, and as we were standing in line a lady behind us says "When I first looked at your daughter I thought she had horns. Then I realized you had her in pigtails. She really doesn't have enough hair for that"  :(   I didn't like her 2 cents. This was the first day I had ever done her hair like that. I thought she looked cute, but I guess she looked like she had horns..


  1. She DOES look cute. Not like she has horns, but like she is a cute little bug!

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  3. It's cute! maybe just add bows next time. Although horns are usually very cute on little girls. That lady must not be up on the trends.

  4. I think she looks VERY cute! Sometimes people need to learn to keep their mouth shut. Especially to strangers.

  5. Not like horns at all!!! She is adorable!!

  6. What is wrong with some peope? When i first her pic, I immediately think,how cute is ms. chloe. i wish i didn't read the lady's comment cuz i didn't even think anything of her pigtails, but a girly thing 4 u to do....some people r just annoying.

  7. Thanks you guys :) I think I will have to try it again, but with bows :)