Monday, January 31, 2011

The Celebration of the Very Looooong Dogs

Last weekend was the monthly dacshund weiner roundup.  There were weinies of all shapes and sizes (see picture below). Long weinerssmall weiners, brown weiners, black weiners, long-haired weiners, wIre-haIred weiners and even some spotted weinies. Ginger was the prettiest though.
Chloe loved every second of the dog park (except during the picture above apparently). She watched all of the dogs as they chased each other and she said her first word! She actually said "dah dah" which I interpreted to mean "Dad", but Leah told me Chloe was actually saying dog because she did the accompanying sign language for dog at the same time. Ah man!

After Ginger was done smelling everyone we decided to go on a little family hike up in the hills above the park. Here is a picture of Leah and Ginger as we started our assent.
 It was pretty cold out (by California standards) so I squeezed Chloe into my jacket to keep keep her warm.

Chloe and I stayed warm enough. Leah had to keep herself warm with stinky-ole-slobber-mouth-muddy-butt Ginger. Every time Chloe and I turned around we saw THIS:

That Ginger is always posing for the camera. Lastly, our family picture commemerating our glorious assent to the peak of Mount Abovedogpark.


  1. At first I thought Leah was writing this and I thought, "What the?!" Especially the intro about the many-varied weiners. It sounds so terribly wrong!

  2. This was seriously the funniest blog intro every! I was like, this does not sound like Leah, but it sounds like something Adam would totally say! Hilarious!
    Thanks so much for commenting on our blog and we would love to see you anytime you are in So. Cal. We miss you guys. Thanks!
    Love, Chris and Stacy Adams