Monday, December 6, 2010

Random strangers

Now that I have a baby random strangers feel the need to come poke, talk to, and even sing and touch little miss. She loves it and shows off her gummy smile and pretty little dimple for them, but I on the other hand find it odd some things people say ( maybe you can help me decrypt them) like the other day "Oh look at her she is such a pretty little lady, Don't be fooled mom she won't melt"  ??? uh OK because I was worried abt that? " Hi saucy pantsies you are sure saucy!" .. saucy? what does that mean? And how is she exuding saucy to the general public? Or at restaurants waiters always bring her a kids menu and crayons and ask what she wants off of the menu.. I understand that they don't know that a baby at 3,4,5 months drinks her meals, but it makes me laugh. And behold my favorite comment "Boy or Girl?" Really?? She is decked out in ALL pink with earrings and a bracelet on and a pink headband. I smile and say "SHE"S a girl."
They also love to give advice which sometimes is beneficial, and sometimes amusing. Such as,"When your baby is hungry and crying you should let them cry for at least 10-15 minutes before feeding them. That way they don't expect things on demand" Sad..   "If you tickle your baby she will stutter when she's older" well if that's true Chloe won't even be able to form sentences when she's older!! So humorous!


  1. How strange. No stranger has ever given me advice or said some crazy comment that made no sense that I can recall. I think that's mostly because I look so mean.

  2. I've started ignoring people that ask if it's a boy or a girl. I know he's really cute, but just look at the you think I would dress a girl this way? Seriously, I don't even respond anymore.