Wednesday, August 11, 2010

La Leche!!

Yesterday I had the chance to attend a La leche meeting. They meet once a month and I couldn't make it the previous months so I attended this one. I arrived at ten in the morning to Amy's (the La Leche leaders) home and was the first one there. I desperately hoped it wasn't going to be just her and I there! So Amy introduced herself and her 5 year old daughter Makensie. Makensie is an only child so I figured that Amy had become a La Leche leader a few yrs ago when she was nursing Makensie... wrong.. Amy was still nursing Makensie!!! At 5!! Wait wait it gets worse.. After abt 30 minutes people started showing up. First a lady who's name I forget comes in and I think.. well she isn't nursing she must be in her sixties. So I asked how many children she had had and she told me 5 in nine years, and that she nursed each for 4 YEARS EACH!! Yes that's right 4 years!! That's a lot of over lapping! There was also a lady who had a 3 and a half year old who was tandem nursing with her 4 month old.. I don't know how these women do that!! Another ladies three year old kept coming up to her and lifting up her shirt to nurse.It was very interesting but what I really admired about these ladies is that there was no shame they truly embraced nursing their children, whether 5 mos or five years, I must say I've never seen so many ladies breasts out all at once!!

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  1. Wow, that's so not me. I can't imagine nursing Malachi. He is , and wouldn't even want me to see him naked anymore, vice versa. I was putting some lotion on him today and he literally covered his private part with towel, and only showed me one leg at a time; it was funny. I'm glad I got to nurse both of my kids for a year though. That was good, but at that time she wasn't as good as a nurser than when she was 6 month. So, where did you find this group? What are their reasoning to nurse a kindergarten age? In Indonesia a lot of people nurse their kids until their older, like 2, 3, or even 4 yr old, no reason, most mom just feel bad weaning their babies.