Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our week in a nut-shell

How our saturday go these days- Adam and I took Chloe to the post office today and weighed her on the scales in the lobby. She weighs 9lbs 12.8 oz.! After the scales we went to the park and Chloe had her first picnic!
We had a long day of hanging out around the house so we decided to take the baby out to the grocery store, post office, and park.. Woo! pretty exciting huh? lol
My dad, step mom, and sister came down to visit this week.We really enjoyed having them here. Chloe fell in love with her Papaw! It looks like she is scared in this picture, but really she adored him. My dad even got Chloe's name tattooed on his arm when we went to Haight and Ashbury in the city. So I guess he fell in love with her too!

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