Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh baby!

Need I say more?? I am getting so BIG! Anywhere I go people ask me when I'm due. I look nine months, but I still have a good 7 weeks left!! Baby girl Baird is really plumping up. And she found that she can really stretch out her legs if she wants to. My right side sure feels the exercise :) I am still feeling very well thank goodness! I do wish she would come a little early though because I can't wait to meet her and see what she looks like! I guess I am impatient..


  1. Trust me, you're not that big. You look adorable. I get ginormous!! You wait, when I'm 7+ months I look like I'm carrying twin or even triplets. I don't leave the house just so I don't get the wide eyed looks from people.

  2. You look beautiful! Congrats! You and Adam are going to be wonderful parents! Enjoy!

  3. oh hooray! I finally got a chance to come comment on your cute blog! You look darling! Way to go!! Very cute!